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As part of our listing process, sellers will be asked to select the “for sale” signage needed for their property. We do have a few different options, depending on the type of home you are selling.

Augmented reality lawn sign

An augmented reality lawn sign will be the clear choice for most homeowners selling detached properties within one of our major locations (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and close areas).The lawn signs used by Bōde to display on properties are the most tech advanced in the real estate industry. They are made of sturdy metal, and have a unique QR code that directs potential buyers to an augmented reality listing + a direct link to the property details. This creates a seamless experience for potential buyers interested in purchasing your home. Sellers will receive both a “for sale” topper and “sold” attachment for their signs upon listing.

If you are located in a rural area...

You will still choose an augmented reality lawn sign and will receive our rural version of this sign. These signs are used for properties located in areas outside of major cities (Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver) and surrounding areas. The signage is mailed to your location and are made of coroplast material that is displayed by being secured to a wire frame. They still have all the amazing features of our traditional lawn sign.

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bode rural sign

Window sticker

A window sign would be used in the event that a lawn sign is either not feasible, or is against regulations set out by a building board. Examples could include apartments, condos, and some types of attached properties. If you live somewhere where perhaps this is not clear (for example, a townhouse with a front lawn) it’s a good idea to understand and clarify with your condo board rules to know which sign will be your best option.

bode window signage

If you are still unsure of which option is right for your situation, please feel free to contact us directly and our team would be happy to help!

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