Agreement to Keys - After all parties have accepted the Sales Agreement in the previous step, the step by step process to arriving at the possession day will be outlined for you.

If the deposit is directed to Bōde it will be held on your behalf in our regulated trust account.

Wire Information

Please wire your deposit to Bode Platform Inc. using the information provided below by the time commitment specified in your offer.

Brokerage Information Financial Institution Information

*** In the memo line, please include the property address and buyer name Brokerage

Any conditions identified in the agreement process would be removed and trigger a notification to the other party.

When all conditions are removed, the Sales Agreement becomes binding.

We will send you a conveyance package (all the legal stuff) to take to your lawyer. Your lawyer will distribute the funds to the appropriate parties (considering the mortgage, any applicable fees etc.).

Keys will trade hands when the lawyer determines that all distributions have been made.

If you accepted an offline offer, please email Bōde at to help you out and update the status of your listing.

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