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How does the offer process work from a seller's perspective?
How does the offer process work from a seller's perspective?
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We are glad you asked! Below are some details but you could also consider check out our handy Seller's Checklist. It will get you set on the right track with links, tips and tricks for each step of the way. Not to mention, it's a fabulous way to stay organized!

Making an offer - The buyer clicks “Make an offer” on your listing which invites them to provide the specifics of a cash offer on your home.

They will fill out their offer price, deposit amount, timelines, and inclusions before submitting them to you.

Receiving an offer - You will receive both an email as well as an on-platform notification to notify you that an offer on your property has been made, so keep a close eye on your inbox!

The offer parameters will be detailed in the “My offers” section of Bōde. Here, you can reference all the information the buyer has entered. Bōde has made it simple and easy to accept or counter the offer.

Countering an offer - If you would like to counter the offer, first, accept the terms that you agree to, then you can proceed to counter on the terms you would like to change or improve. You can do this on a term by term basis so it is clear to both parties where you have agreed and where you still require agreement. There is no limit to the number of counters from each party towards an agreement, however, the deal will expire if an agreement is not met within the original offer time availability. In this event, the buyer would need to initiate a new offer.

Agreement - Once both parties have agreed, you will receive an email as well as an on-platform notification that will take you to the populated, industry-standard, contract that reflects the terms of the offer in the previous step. Once you click “I accept” it will then be sent to the other party to “click to accept” these terms.

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