The 1% service fee to a ceiling of $10K for the seller is only due when the house is sold. There are no upfront costs, and no nickel and dimeing along the way. Your lawyer will distribute the fee along with all other disbursements. It's that easy.

Did you know: People who sell their home using Bōde, on average, make 1.3% MORE than using an agent? Are you wondering why? Well, there is simply nobody that cares more about the sale of your home than you - the homeowner. When it comes to negotiating for the last $20K on the sale price it is a meaningful amount of money rather than the hundreds of dollars to an agent.

Bōde is free for people to buy using Bōde.

There are still a few things we can help you with even if you are about to close your deal! Check out our Seller's Checklist to keep you on your game and finish strong!

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