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How do I negotiate using Bōde?
How do I negotiate using Bōde?
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The Bōde platform was built to streamline and provide clarity in the negotiation process. The buyer is able to fill out a simple webform that covers off all the elements of the offer and submit the offer directly to the seller or the seller's agent. The seller can then accept, counter, or decline the offer on each element of the offer. Once both parties come to an agreement, the terms populate a Sales Agreement that meets all industry regulations and all parties accept right on the Bōde website. We then provide you with the step by step checklist to meet the terms of the agreement. Once conditions are removed, Bōde will send you all the information you need to close the deal with your lawyer. To get started, check out Sold Data to make a data-backed offer.

Don't forget to check out our Buyer's Checklist to help you along the rest of the way!

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